Transition Services

Tuscola Transition Network
• Vision: The Network's vision is that each student will become his or her own advocate in order to fulfill post-secondary goals for independence, employment and education/training.
• Mission: The Network's mission is to assist students with diverse abilities to develop and implement a successful transition from school to post-secondary independence, employment and education/training.
• Purpose: The Network's purpose is to provide advocacy, create opportunities and share resources to meet the needs to each student after high school.
• Expectations of Members: TTN members will collaborate to meet the needs of each student.

For our Transition Forms please click below: Transition Forms

Transition Services Resources:
TTN Transition Activities 2022-2023 PREP Handbook
Casey Life Skills Website STARS Brochure
Casey Life Skills Transition Assessment PREP Brochure
Casey Life Skills Guidelines TTN Brochure
STAT-R Supported Independence Student Version  
STAT-R Standard Student Version  
WBL Letter for Insurance Policies WBL Help Guide
Xello WBL Evaluations
The Career Index Plus TTN SAVE THE DATES
MI Able O*Net
MDE Work-Based Learning Manual (Managing Your Risk) My Next Move
Michigan Transition Services Association  MIOSHA Online Safety Video Library
Michigan's Integrated Behavior and Learning Support Initiative (MIBLSI) Michigan Alliance for Families
Disability Benefits 101 Michigan Department of Special Education
Comprehensive Guide to Explore Substance Abuse Educational Development Plan
Virtual WBL Ideas & Resources Center for Educational Networking
Social Security Office Directory Student Earned Income Exclusion for SSI
Video: "Helping Young Adults with Disabilities Reach Their Hopes and Dreams"
(Note: This video is free to families and young adults. Professionals may order a copy for $5.00 by downloading the form from
MRS Counselor-Programs-Vendors


Emergency Drill Schedule


September 09, 2021 Secure in Place All Day
September 23, 2021 Fire Drill 11:45 am
October 15, 2021 Fire Drill 11:45 am
 October 21, 2021 Tornado Drill 10:25 am
November 11, 2021  Fire Drill 11:45 am
January 11, 2022  Secure in Place All Day
March 3, 2022  Fire Drill 11:27 am
 April 7, 2022 Fire Drill 9:07 am
May 6, 2022 Fire Drill 11:45 am
May 9, 2022 Secure in Place All Day
 September 12, 2022 Secure in Place All Day
September 19, 2022 Fire Drill 11:53 am
September 21, 2022 Fire Drill 9:00 am
October 17, 2022 Fire Drill 11:50 am
October 20, 2022 Tornado Drill 11:20 am
January 10, 2023 Secure in Place All day
 March 2, 2023 Tornado Drill 11:45 am
 April 11, 2023 Fire Drill 10:50 am
May 1, 2023 Fire Drill 1:58 pm
 May 8, 2023 Secure in Place All day

Jason Davis, Transition Coordinator
989.672.6952  or 989.673.2144 ext. 30341
[email protected]
Tuscola Transition Center
1383 Cleaver Road, Caro, MI 48723