Lighthouse Off Campus

The Lighthouse Off-Campus School is for students who reside at the Lighthouse Rehabilitation Center. The Lighthouse provide services to clients with physical, behavioral, social and emotional needs. The school team works with the Lighthouse treatment team to provide a smooth transition between home and school environments. The teams work in a collaborative manner to develop and implement behavior intervention plans that are consistent from home to school and school to home. The Lighthouse School team also works with Caro Public Schools to transition students into the public school system.
Listed below are the Lighthouse School Programs and Services Provided: 
*Transition Services 
*Access to I-pads 
*Teacher Led Instruction 
*Computer Based Instruction 
*Personal Curriculum
*One on one aids 
*Physical Therapy 
*Occupational Therapy 
*Speech Services
*Social Work Services 
*Music Class 
*Swim Class 
*Gym Class
*Positive Behavior Support 
*Special Olympics

Contact Information:

Joe Chapelo - Special Education Supervisor
[email protected]

Danielle Cuddie - MICI Instructor
[email protected]