Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy works to improve balance, strength, coordination, posture and walking. Services are usually provided on a weekly or monthly basis, as well as consultations with classroom teachers and parents. Referrals can come from anyone who has a concern for a child's gross motor abilities. Service is provided to children from birth through their school years as required by state and federal law.

Physical Therapists

Physical Therapists treat children with these functional delays:

Motor Skills (Coordination)

  • Difficulty with daily activities
  • Poor balance, clumsy
  • Difficulty playing on playground equipment
  • Muscle weakness
  • Does poorly in gym class
  • Poor ball skills

Adaptations of Equipment and/or Environment

  • Seating devices
  • Braces
  • Self-help devices
  • Poor posture or positioning
  • Muscle or bone deformities
  • Prosthesis training


  • Awkward gait
  • Need for assistive device
  • Development delay
  • Trouble getting up from the floor
  • Muscle weakness

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy services include the following procedures::

  • Screening to identify children with special needs
  • Evaluation
  • Contributing to the IEP (for each child assessed)
  • Consultation with teachers, other therapists, physicians, and parents in carrying out the child's program in the school and home environment
  • Direct therapy sessions with the child


Students May Be Referred

Students may be referred by contacting the principal in the building where the child attends in order to discuss concerns.

PT Staff
Schools they serve
Email Address
Michelle Joslyn
Physical Therapist
ext. 30421
Jeremiah Morell
Physical Therapy Asst.
ext. 30402
HPS, Akron-Fairgrove, Caro,
Mayville, Reese, USA

Matthew Jaworski
Physical Therapy Asst.
ext. 30376
HPS, Cass City, Kingston, Millington, Vassar