Audiological Services
Audiological services are provided to children from birth through their school years as required by state and federal law. Services are offered when the student is experiencing any of the following characteristics:
  • Central auditory processing weaknesses
  • Delay of speech and language
  • Fluctuating hearing loss
  • Frequent need for repetition on spoken words
  • Inability to follow oral directions
  • Inattentive, indifference, restless behaviors within the classroom
  • Known conductive or sensorineural hearing loss
  • Use of amplification (hearing aids and/or assistive listening devices)

In the School Setting
Audiological services in the school setting include direct services, collaboration, consultation, monitoring and tracking. These services may include any or all of the following:

  • Conducting hearing screenings to identify children with possible hearing loss and middle ear pathologies
  • Conducting comprehensive diagnostic hearing assessments to identify, prevent and remediate children with special needs
  • Consulting with education staff and parents in carrying out the child's program in the school and home environment
  • Checking the child's placement within the classroom for optional listening conditions. If problems of hearing persist, adaptions are suggested, such as note takers and preferential seating
  • Inservicing teachers and parents about equipment, hearing losses and various teaching techniques

Students May Be Referred
Students may be referred by contacting the principal in the building where the child attends school in order to discuss concerns or by calling 989.673.5300.

Amber Hermann,
989.673.5200 ext. 30437
[email protected]