Early Childhood Services

Early Childhood Programs

Tuscola Intermediate Department of Special Education is responsible for providing all special education evaluations, classroom programs, and related therapy services for children ages 0-5. Programs offered are Early On, Early Childhood Special Education Classrooms, and Build Up Michigan/Step.

Contact Person:
Supervisor: Holly Main
989.673.5200 ext. 30355
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Early On
Build Up Michigan/Step
E.C.S.E. Classrooms

Early On Program

Contact Lori Calery
989.673.2144 ext. 30445
for more information

Early On
Early On is a program of services for qualified young children, birth to three years of age and their families. It offers services to qualified young children with special needs and their families using the idea of family centered care. Family centered care is a new way of thinking about and working with children and their families. Early On professionals work to help children with illnesses, physical conditions such as cerebral palsy, heart defects, eats or sleeps poorly, or children who are slow learning to smile, sit up or speak. These professionals can listen to and help answer your questions and they will share ideas about people and services who can help your baby and family.

Early On Family Rights Booklet

E.C.S.E. Classrooms

When an eligible child, aged 3-5, is found to be in need of special education classroom programming, they can attend one of three Early Childhood Special Education Classrooms (E.C.S.E.) based upon where they reside. Children in need of E.C.S.E. programming who reside in the northern portion of the I.S.D. will attend programs located at Unionville-Sebewaing Area Elementary School. Those that reside in the center of the I.S.D. will attend programs located at the Caro Macomb Elementary and those in the southern portion of the I.S.D. will attend programming located at Millington Kirk Elementary. If related services are necessary, they will be provided at these locations. Catchment areas are modified from time to time based upon population changes.  
Build Up Michigan/STEP


Contact Cathy Savoie, Consultant 
989.673.2144 ext. 30369
for more information
[email protected]



STEP/Child Find

The STEP Services to Tuscola's Exceptional Preschoolers Program was initiated in 1977. This program is also called Child Find. It is a national effort to identify handicapped students 0-26 years of age.

STEP/Child Find Goals

Find individuals with handicapping conditions which make learning difficult. These conditions may include difficulty in walking, talking, hearing, speaking or other physical, emotional or mental handicaps that prevent a student from coping with others on their own.

STEP/Child Find Children Served
  • 0-6 years old, not in school, are provided a developmental evaluation through the Intermediate School District
  • 6-26 years old, enrolled in school programs, are referred to local school district teams for evaluation

STEP/Child Find Services Include:

  • Free educational testing in the areas of hearing, speech and language, cognition (thinking skills), and motor development.
  • Upon completion of educational testing children who are determined to be eligible are provided programs and services according to their needs.
  • Children who are not determined to be eligible are referred to other agencies or community-based programs

Students May Be Referred By:

Students may be referred by the Health Department, Tuscola Behavioral Health Systems, Family Independence Agency, doctors, parents, support service workers, hospitals, child care agencies, preschools, Head Start or by calling 989.673.5200.