About Us

Tuscola Intermediate School District Department of Special Education works cooperatively with each of its' nine constituent local school districts to assure the appropriate delivery of all special education child find, classroom programs, and related professional services. In addition, T.I.S.D. provides technical assistance and state mandated activities regarding programs and services delivered withing the T.I.S.D. 

Tuscola Intermediate School District 
Special Education Contacts

Eric Kunisch
Assistant Superintendent Special Education
989.673.2144 ext. 30367
[email protected]

Holly Main
Supervisor, Technical Assistance Coordinator
989.673.2144 ext. 30355
[email protected]

Pricilla Tietz
Administrative Assistant, Special Education Finance
989.673.2144 ext. 30413
[email protected]

Chris King
Secretary, Illuminate Coordinator
989.673.2144 ext. 30497
[email protected]