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Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
ASCD's online professional development courses provide rigorous learning experiences on the most current thinking about educational issues in curriculum, instruction, assessment, classroom management, and leadership.

State Board of Education leaders provide ASSISTance for beginning teachers, experienced teachers, and administrators!Investment in quality teachers yields high returns in student success. Michigan 's State Board of Education members are pleased to make this ASSIST web site available to Michigan educators.

MiLP is your opportunity to grow professionally with the support of exceptional online professional development and communications tools. In this time of unprecedented accountability in education, your challenge is to reach beyond traditional approaches to professional development. MiLP will allow you to maximize your professional development activities by bringing them to you via any Internet connected computer with exceptional time flexibility.

Merit Network is a non-profit corporation based in Ann Arbor whose mission is to make Michigan a showcase for high-performance networking.
Merit is governed by Michigan's public universities, was founded in 1966, and was America's first regional research and education network.
 Michigan Department of Education  Curated list of Free or Low Cost Professional Learning 

Professional Development Requirements


380.1527 Teacher professional development; number of days.

Sec. 1527. The board of each school district, intermediate school district, or public school district, intermediate school district, or public school academy shall provide at least 1 day of teacher professional development in the 1997-1998 school year, at least 2 days of teacher professional development in the 1998-1999 school year, at least 3 days of teacher professional development in the 1999-2000 school year, at least 4 days of teacher professional development in the 2000-2001 school year, and at least 5 days of teacher professional development in the 2001-2002 school year and each school year after the 2001-2002 school year. Professional development days provided under this section shall not be counted toward the professional development required under section 1526.


Guidelines for Meeting State of Michigan
Professional Development Requirements

  1. The State of Michigan requires that all teachers receive three days of professional development during the 1999-00 school year, four days during the 2000-01 school year and five days every year thereafter. (These days are in addition to the fifteen days required of beginning teachers during their first three years.)
  2. For the purpose of record-keeping, a year is defined as beginning the day after the last day of school in June and ending the last day of school the following year. A day is defined as six hours. A day can be earned all at one time or hours can be accumulated to equal a day. The total number of required hours is 18.
  3. Professional development hours are divided by contract into hours when the teacher must attend district-designated activities and hours when the teacher selects the professional development.
  4. The requirement for staff development may be satisfied in a variety of ways including:

    • conference attendance, district workshops, building workshops, computer software training, review of software
    • approved NCA activities including activities which meet the definition of curriculum development as described below, data disaggregation and reporting and up to three hours of NCA work at Tuesday staff meetings
    • up to two hours may be earned for conferences directly related to the teacher's compensated extracurricular activity
    • one hour of credit will be earned by SAC members for every day spent in the SAC. Two hours will be earned by attending Open House, during which time the teacher will discuss and explain the curriculum
    • credit may be earned through curriculum development approved by the principal or Assistant Superintendent of CITA. Curriculum development is defined as creating teaching or assessment materials aligned with the subject area standards, benchmarks and MEAP. These materials must be made available for district wide use at appropriate the levels.
    • Teacher presenters may receive staff development credit. The presentation must be at least one but not more than two hours in length. Two hours of credit will be given for each hour of presentation.
    • Credit may be earned for holding a "Curriculum Night" with parents. Teachers may receive one hour of credit for each hour of participation, not to exceed two hours.
    • Additional ways of meeting the professional development requirements are explained in the Staff Development Booklet. (dialogues, projects etc.)

  5.  The teacher is responsible for meeting the state requirements and providing documentation to the administration. In the event a teacher does not complete the requirements, s/he shall reimburse the district at the rate of 1/7 of the daily per diem for each hour not completed. Teachers on leave who return to active teaching during the school year must meet the same requirements as other teachers. They may participate in staff development while on leave. Less than full-time teachers shall participate in professional development a pro-rata basis.
  6. Approval of staff development credit is up to the building principal. If a teacher is denied credit for professional development, s/he may appeal to the Assistant Superintendent for CITA.