Agri-science & Natural Resources Technology


Agri-science & Natural Resources Technology/Agri-science Technology
Tuscola Technology Center, 1401 Cleaver Road, Caro, MI 48723

Instructor: Jeremy Glaspie
Ph:989.673.5300, ext. 30304
Email:[email protected]

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  • College Credit/Articulation
  • Career Pathways
  • Student Organizations & Competitions
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Program Information


Program Information
If you like activities concerned with the production of plants and animals, and related supplies, services, mechanics, products, processing and marketing, then agri-science may be for you. Students will be taking scientific principles and new technologies and applying them to many areas in agri-science (aquaculture, crop science, soil science, biotechnology, natural resources, small animals, equine, and agri-business.)

Student Organizations & Competitions
Students will become a member of FFA. Students may compete in many regional, state, and national competitions in all areas of agriculture and natural resources

To learn more visit Student Organizations.

Career Pathways

There are many different careers available to students after successful completion of training in the Agri-Science & Natural Resources ~ Agri-science Technology program. Students can select from a variety of entry-level positions such as: Lab Assistant, Pet Store Assistant, Small Animal Care Giver, DNR Assistant and Veterinary Assistant.

With advanced training and a college degree students can work as an Environmental Scientist, Botanist, Soil Scientist, Bio Technician, Ecologist, and Veterinarian.

College Credit and Articulation

One of the ways the Tuscola Technology Center is able to help students make the successful transition from high school to college is by offering articulated college credit. The technical skills and knowledge a student learns can save tuition fees, shorten the time a student spends in college and reduces the duplication of courses at the college level. To receive articulated credit a student needs good grades, good attendance and be able to demonstrate that they have the maturity to bypass the college level courses.


Colleges to Continue Agri-science & Natural Resources Technology - Agri-science Technology
  • Andrews University
  • Delta College
  • Ferris State University
  • Davenport University
  • Kirtland Community College
  • Lansing Community College
  • Michigan State University
  • Michigan Tech
  • Oakland Community College
  • St. Clair Community College
  • University of Michigan


Work Placement Opportunities
Work experience and internships in area businesses are a highlight of this program. Second year students are given an opportunity to complete co-op experiences. Students have the opportunity to have co-op experiences with pet stores, Agriculture Co-op Ext., vet clinics and the DNR.


Advisory Committees
The Tuscola Technology Center is fortunate to have community and business leaders involved in the success of our students.

The committee members are professionals in business and industry as well as counselors and teachers from Tuscola County. Their input is vital in assuring that our students receive industry standard instruction in their field of study.