Art & Digital Design

 Art & Digital Design

Art & Digital Design
Tuscola Technology Center, 1401 Cleaver Road, Caro, MI 48723

Instructor: Sheryl Piché
Ph: 989.673.5300, ext: 30339
Email:[email protected]

  • Student Organizations & Competitions
  • Colleges to Consider
  • Advisory Committees


Program Information

In the Visual Imaging Cluster at the Tuscola Technology Center, students learn to communicate to mass audiences, promoting products and ideas. Students use design principles, typography, illustration and computer skills to produce effective graphic communications and fine art projects.

From business cards to billboards, the visually compelling display of information dominates our modern lives. Never before has Art & Digital Design been at once so important and so pervasive, and anyone can learn to be creative.

At the Tuscola Technology Center, you will develop the problem-solving skills and conceptual thought processes that will prepare you for professional success in this dynamic area that spans many careers in the visual imaging field.

In our visually oriented society, graphic designers benefit from an array of career opportunities in advertising, publishing, and other communications fields. The Art & Digital Design Program trains graphic designers to creatively solve problems while acquiring the specific skills and experience they need to design magazine layouts, brochures, packaging, corporate logos, animated clips, and websites.

In this hands-on class, computer skills are learned as a way to augment, not replace, artistic talent and ability.  Students practice design concepts and apply them to real life client jobs.

Photography and drawing and other fine arts assignments help students learn design concepts while building confidence in their creative abilities.

Student Organizations & Competitions

  • SkillsUSA allows students to demonstrate their occupational and leadership skills. Students have the opportunity to attend and compete at three levels: regional, state, and national.
  • MITES (Michigan Industrial and Technology Education Society) encourages and recognizes fine craftmanship in the field of industry, technology, and career and technical education in the state of Michigan. Students have the opportunity to attend and compete at two levels - regional and state.
    Career Pathways
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    There are many different professional careers available to students after successful competition of training in the Art & Digital Design program. Students can select from a variety of entry-level positions such as desktop publisher, digital illustrator, graphic designer, sign-maker, web-page designer, digital photo restorer, and entry level photographer.

    With advanced training and a college degree, students can work as an art director, computer animator, or package designer, just to name a few.

    College Credit and Articulation

    One of the ways the Tuscola Technology Center is able to help students make the successful transition from high school to college is by offering articulated college credit. The technical skills and knowledge a student learns can save tuition fees, shorten the time a student spends in college and reduces the duplication of courses at the college level. To receive articulated credit a student needs good grades, good attendance, and be able to demonstrate that they have the maturity to bypass the college level courses.

    Students have the opportunity to earn college credit with several Michigan Colleges. Colleges participating in the articulation include: Delta College, Davenport University, Baker College, and St. Clair Community College.


    Colleges to Consider Continue Art & Digital Design Training
    • Baker College - Flint
    • Center for Creative Studies
    • Ferris State University
    • Grand Valley State University
    • Kendall College of Art and Design
    • Lansing Community College
    • Michigan State University
    • Northern Michigan University
    • Northwood University
    • Oakland Community College
    • Oakland University
    • Saginaw Valley State University
    • St. Clair Community College
    • University of Michigan
    • Western Michigan University


    Advisory Committee

    The Tuscola Technology Center is fortunate to have community and business leaders involved in the success of our students.

    The committee members are professionals in business and industry as well as counselors and teachers from Tuscola County. Their input is vital in assuring that our students receive industry standard instruction in their field of study.