Visually Impaired

Visually Impaired

The Teacher Consultant of the Visually Impaired will be available county-wide to assist staff and other personnel to accept and understand the needs of the visually impaired and/or blind students as well as to identify misconceptions about particular handicapping conditions.


                                                                         Visually Impaired Teacher Consultants

Classroom observation to learn the student's program, problems, strengths and weaknesses
Formal and informal assessments of academic status, learning problems, functional vision, etc.
Confer with teachers, principal, ancillary personnel, and parents, as well as with the student so as to better plan for the student's educational plan
Recommend revisions or additions to general classroom procedures and materials used for the Visually Impaired
Review available records and reports, including medical evaluation, and assist in interpreting such findings if necessary
Participate in IEPC to help define goals and objectives and to assist parents and other professionals who will be working with the Visually Impaired
Provide individual instruction when specific needs cannot be met by regular classroom teachers and/or when special tools or materials are required
Administer tests by the consultant when special considerations are deemed necessary, such as the ACT and SAT tests
Locate, prepare, or adapt materials, methods or techniques to meet the individual learning and physical needs of the student
Assist the classroom teacher by: individual or small group teaching, demonstration teaching, development of an educational prescription with appropriate techniques, hardware, and materials
Make referrals or suggestions for referrals to other agencies, such as rehabilitation programs for Visually Impaired, camps, and other programs
Assist and plan in service programs for staff who will be working with the Blind or Visually Impaired


Phone Extension
Jennifer Krueger
Consultant for Visually Impaired
for all districts
989.673.5200 ext. 30538
Richard Gorski
Karen McQueary

Consultant for O&M
for all districts