Speech Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language therapy is provided to children from birth through their school years as required by state and federal law. Therapy is provided to children who have speech and language impairments. These impairments include children who have difficulties understanding what others are saying to them and children who have difficulty talking or communicating to others. Language impairments may involve difficulties in grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary, and social skills. Speech impairments may involve articulation (ability to produce sounds correctly), producing sounds, using words to communicate, stuttering, and voice disorders. Speech and Language disabilities may be the only disability the student has or may be related to other disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, and various syndromes.

Speech and Language Therapists:


  • Work at Highland Pines School which is a centered based program
  • Work at each local district school in the county
  • Evaluate and diagnose speech and language disorders
  • Provide direct therapy services. Services may be provided in a home program, classroom, small group or individual setting
  • Develop augmentative/alternative communication systems for nonverbal students using picture boards, assistive devices
  • Consult with education staff and parents about students suspected of a speech and language disorder
  • Provide support to classroom teachers that have speech and language impaired students.

they serve
Shana Barth
Early On

[email protected]
989.673.5200 ext. 30360

Kara Booms
Millington Kirk
(Kdg & 1st) 
Millington Jr/Sr High
Caro Schall: 3rd - 5th)
Caro AM Headstart
[email protected]
989.673.2144 ext. 30245
 Ashley Geiger Cass City  
Caro Headstart (PM)
[email protected]
989.673-2144 ext. 30391
Emily Jones

Millington ECSE, Kirk Elem (2nd-5th) Vassar Townsend North
[email protected]
989.673.2144 ext. 30366
Tina Hendershot Early On, Rainbow Pre-school [email protected]
989.673.2144 ext. 30299
 Andee Lefler Highland Pines, Lighthouse,
Caro Regional Center
[email protected]
989.673.5200 ext. 30313
Kayla Motter Kingston, Mayville
[email protected]
989.637.2144 ext. 30395
Sheri Pelletier
Caro ECSE, McComb (K-2nd), Caro Middle/High School
[email protected]
989.673.2144 ext. 30433
Katherine Reed
St. Elizabeth
St. Michael
Trinity Lutheran
[email protected]
989.868.4561 ext. 7035
Brittany Stilson Millington St. Paul Vassar, St. Luke's Vassar, Pioneer Work & Learn [email protected]
989.673.2144 ext. 30440
 Julie Weber Akron-Fairgrove,
Christ The King
[email protected]
989.673.2144 ext. 30234