Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy in a school system focuses on the development of school readiness abilities, fine motor control, and functional skills such as self care, school and work tasks, developmental motor skills and competence in using adaptive equipment. Service is provided to children from birth through their school years as required by state and federal law.

Common concerns addressed by Occupational Therapists:

In Infants and Preschool children common concerns include:
  • Developmental delays in movement, hand use, play skills, independence in their routine and social skills are some of the common concerns addressed in the infant and preschool population.
  • Sensory concerns can also be addressed.
In school aged children, common concerns addressed include:

    Future of School-based Occupational Therapy:

    Occupational Therapy services are taking a broader scope in practice in schools. Emerging areas include:
    • Response to Intervention - RTI. This is a multitiered approach to general education that focuses on scientific-based research and how to best approach the learning abilities of each student.


    Students May Be Referred

    Students may be referred by contacting the principal in the building where the child attends in order to discuss concerns.


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