Music Therapy

Music therapy is an intervention that uses music to address social,
emotional, physical, and cognitive needs of students.

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Stacy Reno

[email protected]

Musicis an effective tool to use during therapy because it:

  • stimulates and utilizes both hemispheres of the brain
  • is both motivating and calming
  • encourages verbal and non-verbal communication and self-expression
  • allows for repetition while learning without being mundane
  • encourages body movement
  • stimulates memories and emotions
  • is fun!

Music therapy is success oriented and promotes positive self-esteem. Students of all ages and abilites are encouraged to participate through singing, listening, moving and playing instruments.

All Highland Pines students receive music therapy services. To demonstrate the many abilities and accomplishments of our students, each classroom participates in our annual SpringFest program. It's a fun production in which students choose the theme and perform on a stage in the gym with lights and costumes.

Older students may participate in vocal or chime choir. These are leadership groups that perform at various HPS functions as well as out in the community.