Adapted Physical Education & Aquatics

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Ann Osborn

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Adapted Physical Education instructional techniques are used to improve the student's movement performance in gross motor, object control, perceptual motor, functional, and sport/game skills; physical fitness; and motor fitness.

Adapted Physical Education program at Highland Pines School believes that students benefit and should practice fundamental locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative skills in a variety of age-appropriate activities.

  • We believe: that participation in physical activity is an important venue for the social: psychological: and emotional development and learning.
  • We believe: that social skills and personal responsibility skills are taught and learned with feedback via structured physical activity.

Adapted Physical Education allows all students to sustain lifelong physical activity for a healthy, productive, fulfilling life.

Our program includes:

  • Team sport (Soccer, Hockey, Basketball & Volleyball)
  • MOVE (Mobility Opportunities Via Education/Experience) program
  • Physical fitness
  • Range of Motion
  • Brain and body movements
  • Sportsmanship

Our Adapted Physical Education Aquatic Program strives to teach students to swim and be safe around the water. Our Aquatics program is an important part of each students adapted physical education program. Application of aquatic knowledge and skills not only improves an individual's physical fitness, but also establishes framework for an active leisure pursuit appropriate throughout the life span. The benefits of water are enormous!

Our program includes:

  • Swimming Skills
  • Personal Safety
  • Survival Skills
  • Water Sports
  • Water Therapy
  • Physical Fitness