Wind Energy

What is Wind Energy?

In reality, wind energy is a converted form of solar energy. The sun's radiation heats different parts of the earth at different rates-most notably during the day and night, but also when different surfaces (for example, water and land) absorb or reflect at different rates. This in turn causes portions of the atmosphere to warm differently. Hot air rises, reducing the atmospheric pressure at the earth's surface, and cooler air is drawn in to replace it. The result is wind.

When air is in motion, it contains the energy of that motion, or "kinetic energy". Some portion of that energy can converted into other forms mechanical force or electricity that we can use to perform work.

The wind rotates wind turbines which, in return, creates energy. One turbine can create anywhere from 250 watts to 5 megawatts (MW). In the United States today, one megawatt can power from 225 households up to 300 households*.

* Since the wind is not blowing 100% of the time, it cannot be the only power source for that number of houses without using some type of storage system.

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