School Messenger

NEW SchoolMessenger App for Staff (Available for download on the App Store and Google Play) - Choose the BLUE   
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SchoolMessenger App Instructions

You can sign up for the SchoolMessenger app on your smartphone or via the web link above. Make sure to use your Tuscola ISD email as this will be your link to our district. 

Activation codes and staff ID's are no longer required to sign up. The app is replacing the Contact Manger site previously used to manage staff's contact preferences. Please discontinue using Contact Manger and make all updates via the School Messenger App. 

PLEASE NOTE: When you are prompted for the school name, you need to enter 'Tuscola Intermediate School District' and click 'Add'. Another Tuscola district will show up as you are typing, but it is NOT our district. You will also need to enter '48723' as the zip code.